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Documenting police brutality inflicted on the protesters of the Arab Spring, the Spanish Revolution, the Occupy Movement, Greece, Tunisia, and anywhere else willing to rise up against oppression. #Global Revolution!

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#Chicago #G8 #NATO #Summit #RiotPolice 

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#Chicago #G8 #NATO #Summit #RiotPolice 

Spanish police brutalize student protesters in Valencia

"A peaceful protest against budget cuts in education in Valencia, Spain on Tuesday ended in bloody police repression. Conjuring up memories of Franco’s brutal dictatorship, squads of riot police violently assaulted a group of some 300 students, arresting at least 26 and leaving scores injured. YouTube footage displayed a policeman forcefully pushing two girls onto a car, while photos emerged of young kids with bloodied faces surrounded by riot police.”

Blogging about Police Brutality and finding a balance.

I have to say that blogging about this stuff daily is really tough. I probably only spend 2 or 3 hours a day looking for the lastest police brutality/government oppression cases here and abroad, most of the stuff I find is fluff from the Occupy Movements… unless of course you live in New York, Seatle, Portland or Oakland… but at the end of the day most of it doesn’t even comepare to what comes out of Egypt, Greece, Syria, etc…

This week over and over again, pictures and videos of dead children from the massacre by their own government in Syria.

On top of all that their are many incidents of police brutality not related to the global uprising that I see each day when looking up content. A sunday school teacher fatally shot for rolling up the window of her car, an unarmed U.S. Marine fatally shot in front of his two children. Police killing dogs, police getting away with  killing unarmed men and women, police getting away with rape, police covering up evidence, or making it up… it just goes on and on.

I needed to find a way to balance all this hate and injustice that I see each day. So I started a blog about love and tenderness amid all the chaos of the global protest. I hope you will follow it and submit any pictures of love, marriage, hugs, kisses, tenderness, especially when you see it in the face of overwhelming oppression. Please lets try to remember that for each cop, solider, government official, that makes a “bad judgment” call on the people of their country, their are people strong enough not only to stand up, and fight back, but to show these bullies that their weapons and the fear it wields won’t make the people stop caring for each other. 

P.S. *WARNING* Most of the links on this page lead to very graphic videos and pictures… 

So compared to those pictures from #Greece, this is definitely not #PoliceBrutality, but the police kinda freak out over #OccupySeattle’s #14 Money Drop. 

Evesdropping the Revolution

So this is not exactly a police brutality post. This is however another anectdot from the #J28, Move-in Day fiasco, written by one of our more prominent nonviolent activist, Samsarah Morgan.

She has been present since the beginning of Occupy Oakland and major organizer for the Occupy Oakland Parents and Allies Committee.

This is her story about Move-in day, and the Children’s March that she participated in.